Starfield gameplay is far more impressive than expected

Starfield gameplay is far more impressive than expected

Although there's been a lot of expectation during the last months about Starfield, Bethesda has kept its lips shut about most of its details. Yesterday's gameplay reveal did put an end to the secrecy, and the studio has left everyone in awe with an outstanding video that showcases many gameplay mechanics and details about the upcoming game. The video demonstrates that Starfield is definitely worth the wait and makes its delay to 2023 much more bearable for the fans now that they have got a glimpse of what's to come.



Starfield: a new universe to explore

Starfield was the star of yesterday's Xbox and Bethesda Showcase with a video that shows your arrival at the mysterious moon of Kreet. Accompanied by your robotic companion Vasco, you explore the planet's surface looking for an abandoned research facility. Alien fauna, impressive landscapes, and the possibility of switching the view between first and third person catch your attention as you arrive at your destiny and start investigating the area. Soon, you discover that you are not alone. Some pesky pirates are ransacking the place, and you engage them in combat with your weapons. 

Starfield features a solid first-person shooting combat system with several types of guns, each of them with different fire modes and ammunition types. The combat seems to have some depth to it. In this case, you seem to be fighting in a low gravity environment, and the use of your jetpack is key to gaining a tactical advantage. Weapons seem modular, which hints at a deeper customization system when it comes to your equipment.

After dealing with the pirates, you move to a different location when you are invited to join Constellation, a group of intrepid space explorers. This is the beginning of an epic adventure that will have you searching for mysterious artifacts that could hide the key to the exploration of the galaxy. 


starfield gameplay


Starfield is as much as you dreamed of and more. Bethesda has used all the experience gained in games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim to create a sci-fi experience that will probably set the standards for the games to come in the future. With a detailed character creation system as a starting point, the game allows you to fully immerse into an epic space exploration experience where you dictate the rules and your decisions impact the world surrounding you. You can explore the galaxy as you please and even customize your ship however you see fit to accomplish your goals better and defend yourself while traversing a vast universe.

Those who said that Starfield would be like Skyrim in space have fallen short in their statement. The game has the potential to become the best role-playing game to the date and for years to come, but we will only figure it out when it arrives. Until that happens, feel free to visit our comparator to find your Starfield code at the best price.

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