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Starfield introduces factions and a dialogue mini-game

Starfield introduces factions and a dialogue mini-game

A new Bethesda developer diary episode surfaced featuring new elements of the upcoming RPG space saga Starfield. Have a look at the video here:



According to lead quest designer, Will Shen, the game will have several main factions that the player can join—or work against. The first is the United Colonies, which resembles the Federation in Star Trek. Then there’s the Freestar Collective, which is more of a Wild West version of space civilization. Third, there’s the mega-corporation Ryujin Industries, where you get a cushy job as an employee. As a final option, you can also join the Crimson Fleet, a pirate organization that’s a must for those looking to play an evil character. 

Yet another option is to join a faction as a double-agent, say enlisting as a pirate only to work with one of the other organizations to take the Crimson Fleet down from within. This could prove to be the most interesting route of all, if risky in the Infernal Affairs kind of way. 

The developers also mentioned that Starfield will have a robust character creation system that will feature backgrounds that provide bonuses or characteristics to your character. Presumably, a character with a military background will have bonuses for firearms, while those with an engineering background could have better skills at repairs and gear modifications. We’ll have to see exactly how this pans out. 

One more interesting thing to mention is that Starfield will feature a mini-game that draws inspiration from another Bethesda classic: Oblivion. This is the dialogue mini-game where you attempt to persuade a character using four different options: admire, joke, boast, or coerce. By combining these options over the course of a few rounds, you can influence a character’s decisions. We don’t know yet exactly how this system will be applied to Starfield, but it sounds like an interesting mechanic.



Starfield is due for release on November 11 for the PC and Xbox Series X/S. You can get Starfield PC or Xbox codes with our comparator. 

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