Sorcery arrives in Conan Exiles

Sorcery arrives in Conan Exiles

Although magic serves as a conducting element for the narrative and the origin of important plots in Robert E. Howard's work, everyone knows that the iconic protagonist of his novels is not too very keen on sorcery. Logically, this is something that has been transferred to one of the most popular video games inspired by Conan's novels. Magic is something obscure and not to be trusted in the game, but undeniably powerful. Until now, it was something out of reach from your character in the game, mostly. But the new Age of Sorcery update for Conan Exiles has arrived today to change that forever.

Age of Sorcery is a huge free update that is already available. It allows you to delve into the dark arts and enjoy the life and the powers of a dark sorcerer to the fullest. You will be able to cast amazing spells to decimate your enemies, summon powerful demons, control the undead, and more. Of course, this type of power comes at a cost and you may need to get blood in your hands to wield these ancient magics that may corrupt your soul.



The new Age of Sorcery update will have a significant impact on your gameplay options in Conan Exiles, but the update also brings some other novelties apart from magic. The perk and attribute system has been completely overhauled to deliver a more solid experience, and there is a new building interface that will make things much easier for you. Also, there is a new battle pass available that allows you to unlock many cosmetic items and rewards.

The launch of Age of Sorcery comes accompanied by a very good opportunity to discover Conan Exiles. You can play the game free from September 1 to 8 on Steam and from September 8 to 12 on Xbox. If you give it a try and like it, remember to use our comparator to get your Conan Exiles CD key at the best price.

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