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Sony announces a Horizon Forbidden West spin-off

Sony announces a Horizon Forbidden West spin-off

The recent launch of Horizon Forbidden West has been enough of a reason to convince many players that had doubts about getting a PlayStation 5 to do so. That's even more certain for these that accompanied Aloy on her previous adventure in Horizon Zero Dawn. With a whole new territory to explore, a new and mysterious threat, new gameplay mechanics, and a thrilling storyline that wraps all up nicely, Horizon Forbidden West has caught the attention of many fans. 

Developer Guerrilla Games has more things in store for the fans, as revealed during the last State of play with the announcement of Horizon Call of the Mountain, the first spin-off set in the universe of the Horizon series. You can watch its first trailer below.



Exclusive to PlayStation VR2

Horizon Call of the Mountain won't be in direct competition with Forbidden West as the new game is going to be exclusive to PlayStation VR2 systems. Although it reminisces previous installments in the series, Call of the Mountain will star a new protagonist, Ryas, who is a former warrior of the Shadow Carja tribe who is embarked on a quest to investigate a threat to the Sundom. 

Big update for Horizon Forbidden West

Guerrilla has also revealed the novelties that the new update for Horizon Forbidden West will bring to the game, and they are pretty exciting. Many players have been waiting for the Ultra Hard mode for a while, and it will arrive along with the New Game+ feature. After the patch, you will be able to customize the appearance of Aloy's outfit in the game and also redistribute her skill points anytime you choose to adjust them to your favorite playstyle. On the technical side, the update will also bring visual improvements to the game on PS5 and PS4 Pro. 

The Horizon series is an important franchise for Sony, and a spin-off expands its universe beyond Aloy's storyline, opening up a lot of possibilities in the future. Remember that you can use our comparator to find the best prices to buy your Horizon Forbidden West PS5 code if you want to immerse yourself into this post-apocalyptic world in an epic adventure.

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