Horizon Forbidden West receives its first patch

Horizon Forbidden West receives its first patch

No matter if it's on PC or consoles, there is nothing like a perfect launch nowadays in the world of video games. Horizon Forbidden West doesn't have to deal with multiple hardware configurations since the game is exclusive to PlayStation consoles. Still, the latest adventure of Alloy presents some problems that players have quickly started to report after launch. Most of these are visual problems, but the most annoying ones are several bugs in some missions and the camera changing to weird angles when using some weapons. Fortunately, Guerrilla Games has recently launched the first post-launch update for the game, which solves most of those problems and allows for a much better experience in the game.



Update 1.05 comes with a good number of corrections and gameplay enhancements, which allow players to complete the quests in the main storyline that were causing problems. These are mainly "Reach for the Stars", The Eye of Earth", "Cradle of Echoes", and "The Sea of Sands". The patch also solves other minor gameplay issues, but Guerrilla Games has confirmed that it won't be enough to fix all the problems in Horizon Forbidden West. The studio is still investigating some visual issues, and they encourage players to report any problems that they may find in the game. If you want detailed information about the changes in Update 1.05, feel free to check out the official patch notes.

Despite these minor problems, Horizon Forbidden West will be one of the games of the year on PlayStation. Guerrilla Games has surpassed expectations with a thrilling storyline, a mysterious world to explore, and an experience that will have you glued to the screen for hours, no matter if you are a Horizon Zero Dawn fan or not. We encourage you to visit our comparator to find your Horizon Forbidden West code at the best price anytime if you are not playing the game already.

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