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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One's new DLC arrives in December

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One's new DLC arrives in December

The adventures of an inquisitive youngster with a knack for deduction have caught the attention of plenty of players in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. The game's beautiful graphics make it a true pleasure to accompany him in his endeavors while he earns a reputation as one of the most important detectives of his era. But what really captivates you is the whole perspective of discovering the character before he became the protagonist of Arthur Conan Doyle's novels in 1887. With a more straightforward approach to action and resources that include deception, violence, and deduction at his disposal, this young Sherlock Holmes embarks on an adventure never told before that takes him to the Mediterranean island of Cordona to investigate de death of his own mother.


Upcoming content

As expected, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is a delightful and thrilling experience that maintains you in tension at all times and will keep your mind busy for a while as you delve into the secrets of Sherlock's past. But the game is already getting additional content in the form of DLC, and there is more to come. Since yesterday, all players have now access to a free DLC featuring new disguise outfits, and plenty of bug fixes and performance enhancements are coming to the game next month. But if you really want to squeeze every drop out of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, you need to get the Season Pass, which gives you access to several DLC. The first one is already available, and it includes a new mission, Saints & Sinners, but developer Frogwares has confirmed that the second one, which is probably called Beyond a Joke, will launch in December. It should be followed by Mycroft's Pride and M for Mystery in 2022 to complete the content in the Season Pass.



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