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    What happens when sci-fi meets a puzzle game added with elements of Lovecraftian lore? Well, you get Magrunner Dark Pulse. That's right, this action-puzzle game takes you on a trip straight from the mind of Lovecraft, or pretty close, Cthulu is here, and he's waiting for you! But who are you? Well, you are a magrunner, named Dax. You have been trained to wield a powerful item and are selected to take part in a very special Space Training Program. But...things quickly go wrong, and you soon find yourself trapped in a nightmare world filled with Lovecraft's monsters. Now, you have to fight to get out, but not in the way you're thinking. For the only way to escape this nightmare is to solve puzzles. You wield a MagTech glove, one that allows you to polarize objects and move them around. Doing so will allow you to solve the puzzles at hand. But be warned, these are not simple endeavors, for these puzzles are meant to test the mind, if you're not ready for that kind of puzzle action, then you best leave while you still can. But, if you're a strong soul with a brilliant mind, you'll be able to navigate through over 40 levels that are filled with tricky challenges and loads of danger. You'll be trained of course, but that only goes so far. Will you be able to overcome the wrath of Cthulu and his minions? Can you make it out? Or will you be in this nightmare forever?

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    Jun 27, 2013, 8:50 AM
    Hey. I started Steam for the first time in a long time. I came acrsos the Steam Greenlight Vote thing. And came acrsos this game.. I haven't heard about it before. But after seeing that 11 min. presentation of how to play the game. I had to buy it. Bought it yesterday. And spent most of Sunday playing it! Wow. What an awesome game. I had a few crashes. But mostly it's stable. I know it's early stage still but yea. I will defiantly tell my friends about this game!! Awesome. Best game I've plaid in a while!!! Two thumbs up!!

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