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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One console launch delayed

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One console launch delayed

Arthur Conan Doyle's most famous investigator is the protagonist of countless novels, TV series, films, and even video games. The most recent title based on him is Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, which takes a different approach to Sherlock's story by focusing on his past. The game offers to the players an exciting adventure that combines mystery and action, and it has rapidly become a favorite of many players. Sherlock Holmes Chapter One takes place on the Mediterranean island of Cordoba when he returns to his family's former residence ten years after the death of his mother. The beautiful landscapes of the island will be witness to a thrilling story, and Sherlock will uncover a terrible criminal conspiracy linked to the events of his past.



Sherlock Holmes Chapter One reveals a new side of the consultant detective and features a young and inexperienced Sherlock. Even though his deductive capabilities are unmatched, he will also resort to violence to come victorious in his encounters. The story in the game is as thrilling as you would expect, and your decisions are the key to the different endings in the game.

Plenty of players are eagerly waiting for the launch of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One on consoles. The game is only available on PC right now, and its release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 was supposed to happen rather soon. Developer Frogwares has announced via Twitter that it will need a bit longer to polish the game's console version, and the game's launch has been delayed to the first quarter of 2022.



This is the second delay that Sherlock Holmes Chapter One suffers, and we hope that it's the last one. While you wait for the game to be available on your favorite platform, you can find game deals and compare prices to buy Sherlock Holmes Chapter One cheap on our website.

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