Sea of Thieves' latest Adventure is a fight for land

Sea of Thieves' latest Adventure is a fight for land

Just as the sixth season is coming to a close, a new Adventure awaits Sea of Thieves players. Launching on May 26, Lost Sands is the fourth monthly narrative episode of Sea of Thieves, and this time, the outcome will change the map of the game forever.

Lost Sands takes place in Golden Sands, an island outpost that has figured prominently in the game’s last story arc ever since it began in January.  



A tug of war

A mysterious fog green has descended on the picturesque tropical island. After what seemed to be a pitched battle, all its inhabitants have vanished. The island has since been abandoned, but now players have a chance to determine its fate. 

Players have two options to choose from. They may help rebuild the Golden Sands by hunting for supplies and resources to help reconstruct the outpost. On the other hand, they may instead side with the Reaper’s Bones faction, who aim to keep the island abandoned and lifeless. The side that reaches the most progress by June 9, which is when the Adventure ends, determines what ultimately happens to the island. To move the needle one way or the other, the players have to work as a team. 

A little bit of mystery

Those who prefer something a bit more cerebral than this may join the game’s very first Mystery, which was launched this week. This story involves the murder of Demarco Singh, captain of the PvP faction the Sea Dogs. The pirate community must work to gather clues and solve riddles both within the game and on social media to determine who did this grisly deed and why.

The Mystery is ongoing, and the new pirate Adventure launches this Thursday, May 26. If you’d like to get in on the action, pick up a Sea of Thieves PC key from our comparator today.

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