Sea of Thieves introduces Mysteries

Sea of Thieves introduces Mysteries

Sea of Thieves is trying something new with their fantastical pirate world: a murder mystery. That's right—Mysteries is a new type of content by developer Rare to make the world "richer and more alive than ever before." Instead of simply seeking plunder and fighting other buccaneers, pirates will attempt to solve a mystery as a community. Check out the trailer here:


Murder most foul

The new adventure begins with a murder. Based on lore from the game, the hat seen in the video belongs to Demarco Singh, captain of the PvP faction, the Sea Dogs. The Sea Dogs used to run the Arena game mode before Rare removed it. Now, it seems their leader has been done away with as well—as a murder victim. 

It's now up to the pirate community to solve this grisly affair. Clues have been scattered around the location of the body, as well as the end of the video. You can also check out the next video for an introduction to the Mysteries.

Everyone's problem

By introducing in-game puzzles and information from Sea of Thieves' social media, Rare is essentially introducing an Augmented Reality Game (ARG) to the core game. The aim is to engage the entire community with stories running parallel to the game's Seasons and Adventures.  

According to Director Mike Chapman:

“The biggest difference with Mysteries contrasted with what we’ve done previously is that they can progress dynamically, rather than being triggered by game updates. Players can expect numerous unfolding stages within a Mystery, with progression resulting from what they’ve discovered and the stage that the community has collectively reached.”


The first Mystery has already started this week. If you like solving puzzles and haven't picked up the core game yet, you can pick up a Sea of Thieves PC key from our comparator today.


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