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Sea of Thieves changes its reward system to a different model

Sea of Thieves changes its reward system to a different model

If you like piratesSea of Thieves is probably your MMORPG of choice already. In the game, you can become a legendary pirate and explore a vast world full of islands, treasures, sunken ships, and epic encounters. Until now, Sea of Thieves was receiving monthly updates with additional content and events but things are going to change for 2021. Developer Rare has announced a significant change to the update and reward systems in the game.

Sea of Thieves is moving to a seasonal system starting next year and it will receive major content updates approximately every three months. Each season will include featured and live events, as well as new rewards and items for the in-game store. The developers will also continue to improve the game experience with additional patches. There will also be a new progression system with 100 levels that will let you earn "Pirate Renown" and unlock several rewards through each season. It's pretty much a battle pass similar to the one that you can find in plenty of other games and it will be available to all players for free. As you probably imagined, there will also be an optional "Plunder Pass" that you can purchase and which comes with even more rewards to unlock.



The new system doesn't necessarily mean that you will have fewer things to do in Sea of Thieves. In fact, you will probably be a tad busier in the game trying to get the battle pass rewards. On the other hand, if you were expecting additional PvP content you are going to be disappointed because Rare has stopped working on the PvP Arena to focus on Sea of Thieves' adventure mode. Of course, you can still enjoy its current version and fight against other players in the game if that is what you prefer.


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