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Halloween begins in Sea of Thieves

Halloween begins in Sea of Thieves

Like many other games, Sea of Thieves has launched a special event to let players celebrate Halloween in the game. The combination of ghosts and pirates is making Fate of the Damned quite a fun event in the MMORPG. As in previous years, the event includes several spooky missions for you and your crew of pirates. You must visit any outpost and talk to Larinna and she will send you off on a mission. The first one requires you to explore the seas to find out what has happened to the missing Bilge Rates crew, and there will be a new mission every week for the duration of the event. By completing them you will earn Halloween-themed cosmetic items to customize your character in Sea of Thieves. On top of that, the shops in the game will also sell you a wide variety of spooky items, including costumes and skeletal pets.

If you are up for a more difficult task, the Fate of the Damned event also includes a variety of challenges that will let you unlock Soulflame weapons. If you manage to complete all of them, you and your crew will also receive a set of Soulflame costumes that will let you look like incorporeal ghosts to terrorize the seven seas.



On top of those additions related to the Fate of the Damned event, Sea of Thieves has also received some quality of life changes. You won't need to visit the official website of the game outside anymore to learn about special events for your character in the game. Those will appear in the new Events tab in the game. Also, Mysterious Notes will appear next to your character to inform you about any new stuff happening in Sea of Thieves.

If you would love to be a pirate and share the world with others like you, Sea of Thieves offers you lots of pirate-themed fun. You can find the best price to buy it on our comparator.



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