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More details on the Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update

More details on the Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update

Sea of Thieves didn’t make much of a buzz when it came out last year. The pirate theme is tempting but the content is just not enough to hook you in investing your time into the game. That is the same reason why this Anniversary update came to exist. Not too long ago, developer Rare announced an upcoming update for Sea of Thieves update that would add new features to the game, such as the new narrative-driven questline, Tall Tales: Shores of Gold, and the new PvP mode called The Arena.

Developer Rare launched four different expansion packs for the game in the past, each of them adding to the game’s content and gameplay systems. The most recent expansion pack is Shrouded Spoils and it made the game much more interesting and satisfying. As mentioned earlier, the Anniversary update has Tall Tales and The Arena. Tall Tales is a platform for quests and campaigns, this isn’t for players who favor combat and exploration. If you are looking for the later then Rare has The Arena for you. Check out the official Anniversary update trailer.



More on Sea of Thieves’ The Arena

With this update, players get to choose whether they’d play Adventure (the current mode) or The Arena mode (with Tall Tales). This one is focused on competitive matches and the trading company within the Arena allows players to earn reputation to unlock cosmetic items and towards Pirate Legend. Before entering the Arena, players are put in a new tavern with several floors, banners, and a hot tub. You will also be given the results of your previous match that you can check via parchments. In the Arena, the players are fighting for silver, the temporary currency in the individual Arena matches.

More on Sea of Thieves’ Tall Tales

all Tales, on the other hand, is a questline for players who want more from the adventure mode. The mode will get you to solve new intricate puzzles and riddles while searching for treasures. It has new enemies, items, abilities, and factions and it will introduce new fishing and cooking mechanics. The Sea of Thieves Anniversary update is coming out for free on April 30th. Mark your calendar for the biggest update coming to Sea of Thieves.

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