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The release of Alone in the Dark has been postponed again

The release of Alone in the Dark has been postponed again

Classic video games are an unending source of inspiration for new projects. Whether in the form of remakes, remasters, or as a foundation for new stories titles like the new Alone in the Dark aim to catch the eye of a community that wants more of a specific franchise. In this case, developer Pieces Interactive and THQ Nordic are bringing to life the horror adventure released by Infogrames in the early 90's. The original game was one of the precursors of a genre that did not count with so many adepts back then and shaped a horror story into a mystery adventure with Lovecraftian tints.

The new Alone in the Dark will offer the players an exciting adventure with modern graphics but the same deep storytelling as the original. Discovering the terrible secrets hidden between the walls of Derceto Manor in the shows of Edward and Emily will be a completely different adventure this time, or at least it will look totally different. No major changes are expected in the core of a story full of twists and turns that will probably lead the players to a macabre and unexpected ending, but the new version of the story will hold some surprises.



Late, once more

Unfortunately, you will have to wait longer than expected to immerse into the world of Alone in the Dark. The release of the game, which was originally planned for the current year, was already delayed to early 2024. Now, a second postponement hits the upcoming horror game, which won't be available to play until March 20, 2024.

However, if you want to take a peek at the game, there is a demo of Alone in the Dark that you can play for free. The demo lets you play as Grace and visit Derceto Manor before the events in the main game, therefore, it won't spoil anything for you. The demo is currently available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series. As usual, you can check out the best deals on Alone in the Dark anytime with our comparator.

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