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Alone in the Dark rises from the dead with a new game

Alone in the Dark rises from the dead with a new game

It’s official—Alone in the Dark is getting a fresh take with a reimagining by THQ Nordic. During their digital showcase, they announced the new game with a trailer, which you can check out here:



The original 1992 Alone in the Dark is a landmark game that launched the immersive horror genre, influencing titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Sadly, its sequels failed to rise to the original’s brilliance, leaving the series in limbo for years after the last installment was released in 2015. But now the series is back with some promising new blood.

The game, which is being developed by the THQ Nordic-owned Pieces Interactive, will feature a new story, but will have familiar characters, locations, and themes. Based on the trailer, we can also expect new and horrifying monsters by designer Guy Davis. The game’s twisted story was written by Mikael Hedberg, writer for SOMA and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Finally, doom jazz specialist Jason Köhnen will provide the game’s haunting and suspenseful soundtrack.  

According to Liz Pieri’s description from the PlayStation blog:

“Our Alone in the Dark is set in the gothic American south during the 1920s – a noir setting with classic Lovecraftian horror elements. It’s a world where the familiar meets the surreal. You’ll revisit an expanded and transformed Derceto Mansion, the location that featured in the 1992 game, and various other sites connected to Derceto too.”

We’ll also see the return of the original game protagonists, Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood. Players will be able to experience the game through either perspective, though it remains to be seen if you can switch between them.

The game doesn’t have a release date yet, but it appears to be close to playable by now, so let’s look forward to a formal launch date announcement soon. Till then, you can wait for an Alone in the Dark PC using our comparator.

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