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One Piece Odyssey will revisit past anime arcs

One Piece Odyssey will revisit past anime arcs

One Piece Odyssey, the next big game in one of today's biggest anime franchises, is just around the corner. To captivate fans, much of the game's publicity was about its original story written by none other than series creator Eiichiro Oda, established as one of the greatest storytellers in the manga/anime medium.

However, it seems that Odyssey will not only grace us with a new story. Recent information showed that the Straw Hats will go through something called World of Memories and revisit old arcs from the Anime but retain their memories of the event. So far, two old arcs have been revealed: Alabasta and Water 7.



In Alabasta, the Straw Hats helped Vivi regain her kingdom. However, at the time of the Anime, neither Robin nor Franky were part of the crew, which may change the arc's outcome quite a bit. Not to mention that the pirates are much stronger and older than in the original work.

The second arc of the memoir shows Water 7, allegedly one of the favorite plots of fans around the world.



Here it follows the same dynamic as Alabasta. Older Straw Hats will relive the events of Water 7, but with some drastic changes. The biggest question is how the CP9 will match up with the more powerful Straw Hats since, in Odyssey, technically, they have already been through the team skip and are undoubtedly more experienced.

One Piece Odyssey is being developed by ILCA, the same company responsible for Dragon Quest XI and Pokémon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond. We can be sure that they will be able to deliver a large-scale JRPG seamlessly with endearing gameplay. The question is, with so many old arcs being featured in this World of Memories, how much of the game will be a new story, and how much will be a rehash of the old?

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