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One Piece Odyssey: new screenshots and story info

One Piece Odyssey: new screenshots and story info

The new game of the acclaimed anime One Piece is slowly approaching us, and Bandai Namco keeps fans and players excited by gradually releasing further information about the RPG. This time around, there is a flurry of new screenshots of One Piece Odyssey, as well as information about its plot.

The screenshots show some of the monsters inhabiting the island, crew members of the Strawhats, and what seems to be some kind of puzzle involving lights, something very Zelda-like. However, still no images of the battle per se.


One Piece Odyssey crew members and new character


It seems that Luffy is messing with the apparatus and directing where the light is heading.


One Piece Odyssey light puzzle mechanics


Some of the monsters inhabiting the island.


One Piece Odyssey a new monster from the series in the island

One Piece Odyssey mysterious monster attacking the crew

An original One Piece story 

The story of One Piece Odyssey will be a first. It will be supervised by Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the anime. All characters will also have their official voice actors, at least for the Japanese dub. Read below for a synopsis of the plot:


In the midst of their latest ocean voyage, the Straw Hat Pirates have seen their ship swallowed by a mighty storm.

Shipwrecked, the crew members wash ashore on a mysterious island, blessed with natural gifts, and protected by a ring of storms all around.

Separated from their friends, and with the Thousand Sunny sinking into the depths…

Luffy and the others must embark on a new adventure to escape from this storm-buffeted island!

But lying in wait are the ruthless forces of nature, terrible enemies, and…!


Unlike the other franchise games with action-oriented gameplay, One Piece Odyssey will be a turn-based RPG. I imagine it will be similar to the Fairy Tail RPG game, which had a straightforward but endearing turn-based battle system and a traditional JRPG progression.

There is no specific date for the game's launch, but it's slated for 2022. One Piece Odyssey will be released for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Stay tuned! As soon as a date is announced, our comparator will be in full swing to deliver you the best One Piece Odyssey deals.

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