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New details on One Piece Odyssey gameplay

New details on One Piece Odyssey gameplay

One Piece Odyssey, the new game inspired by Eiichiro Oda's work, has received more details on its official Japanese website. The devs explained how the exploration and combat systems of the title will work and showed a little of the two possible new adventurers for the new plot.

The game is the responsibility of ILCA, a developer known for delivering anime-based games (and acting as a support studio for major ones such as Dragon Quest XI and NieR Automata. Bandai Namco will publish One Piece Odyssey. Like traditional JRPGs, battles will be conducted in turns, and each of the Straw Hat Pirates will have their own abilities.

One Piece Odyssey Battle Gameplay Screenshot

In One Piece Odyssey, the characters will have distinct attributes. This way, short and long-range attack strategies will be free for players to choose from. Luffy will rely on physical hits as he throws his punches, while Nami and Usopp will use their ranged weapons to deliver damage to opponents.

In the middle of the action, dramatic scenes can occur that deliver a powerful buff to the members present. When the pirates are low on HP, an aid to recover their health will appear as an option. Members can also use Bond Arts, which are combination attacks among them.

Straw Hat members utilize their skillset to explore

The One Piece Odyssey website also delivered information about how exploration will be done. The pirates will be very useful in overcoming certain obstacles. Luffy will use his rubber arm to throw himself, Zoro will cut through objects that block paths, and Franky will use his machinery skills to create gadgets.

One Piece Odyssey Luffy exploration

There hasn't been much information about Lim and Adio, two of the new characters. The former is a mysterious island girl who hates pirates, and the latter is a castaway who acts as a guide for the Straw Hats.

One Piece Odyssey Franky exploration

The game will arrive on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, and PC later in 2022. To secure your copy, check out the best deals for One Piece Odyssey in our comparator when the game releases.

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