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One Piece Odyssey demo is already available

One Piece Odyssey demo is already available

One Piece Odyssey launches very soon but if you have doubts about buying it you have the opportunity to give it a try thanks to a demo available on several platforms. Bandai Namco wants the game to become a big hit. Therefore, it allows you to experience the first two hours of the game where you follow the endeavors of the Straw Hat pirates on a mysterious island. Not only all the progress made during the demo will be saved in case you decide to buy the game later, but you will also be rewarded with a special item that will be very helpful to your characters: a Golden Jelly.

Try One Piece Odyssey for free

The One Piece Odyssey demo is already available on PlayStation and Xbox platforms via their respective stores, and it will take about 8GB of your console storage space. Bandai Namco has not confirmed if the demo will be available after the release of One Piece Odyssey, so you should hurry up and download it as soon as possible. Of course, you can use our comparator to buy One Piece Odyssey cheap on all platforms anytime, but we highly recommend you play the demo first.



In One Piece Odyssey, Monkey D. Luffy and his crew find themselves on the shores of an unknown island due to a savage storm that ends with the Thousand Sunny shipwrecked and them separated. As they explore the mysterious island looking for a way to repair the ship, they will meet a colorful cast of characters in this RPG adventure. The story in One Piece Odyssey is brand new, but the game also allows you to revisit some iconic story arcs from the original anime series, including Alabasta, Water 7, Dressrosa, and more. Exciting turn-based battles, your favorite characters from the series, and lots of fun await you in this epic One Piece adventure.

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