Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is free on PC for a limited time

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is free on PC for a limited time

If you have been following us, you should already know that Epic Game offers one or more free games every week to all players via its digital store. A wide number of games have been available since they launched the platform, and they cover all genres. Not all of them are AAA titles, but it's still a very nice way of getting free games for your collection. You may not know that the process changes during holidays, and instead of a weekly game, they offer a different free game on a daily basis. Today you can get a very good role-playing game: Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is based on a popular pen and paper RPG game. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the few survivors left have suffered all kinds of mutations. The events that led to the destruction of our civilization as we know it are now just myths of the past barely remembered by a few. You will control a group of mutants who live in a small isolated town. The scarcity of resources will drive you to explore the surrounding territory looking for a mythic place called Eden where you could start a new life. Of course, the wilderness is home to countless dangers. 



In Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, you will alternate between real-time gameplay when exploring the wilderness and turn-based combats that reminisce XCOM 2 gameplay. Each of the mutants you control has different weapons and abilities. They can enhance those powers by getting experience and leveling up, but each of them is suited for a specific role, and only by combining their abilities will you succeed. 

As we stated above, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden will be available for a limited time on the Epic Games Store, so you need to hurry up if you want to claim your free copy. It will be replaced by a different game later today, and a new one will be available for free every day during the holidays. If you miss any of them, feel free to visit our comparator to find them at the best price anytime.

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