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Monster Hunter Rise collab with Sonic arrives November 26

Monster Hunter Rise collab with Sonic arrives November 26

The Monster Hunter series is famous for its numerous collaborations in several of its games, and Monster Hunter Rise is no exception. After collaborations with Street Fighter, Mega Man, Ghost 'n Goblin, and others that provided different skins for our protagonists and fun quests, it's time to get out of Capcom's house and collaborate with another developer. The chosen one for this debut was Sega.

The Sonic Hedgehog collaboration will bring our hunters together with Capcom's favorite hedgehog and his foxy BFF starting November 26. The collab, as usual, brings new skins for the hunter, the Palico, and the Palamute. The hunter gets the Sonic Wear, which simulates the blue hedgehog in human dimensions - dangerously similar to the first version of Sonic in the live-action - and Canyne Tails is the yellow fox version outfit for our faithful Palamute companion.

Our Palico, meanwhile, gets an entire makeover with the Sonic Costume. In addition to looking just like Sonic, Palico can blast forward using a Spin Dash, delving deep into the cosplay.

See how beautiful these skins are in the video below, which by the way, has a wonderful soundtrack. 

Two new special Sonic events quests

In addition to the skins, Monster Hunter's collaboration with Sonic the Hedgehog features two special events themed quests, rolling around at the speed of sound collecting the notorious platformer's rings. What's more, by using the Felvine Bulb while your Palico is wearing the Sonic Costume - an item that temporarily power-ups our little fella - you will see an animation involving the 7 Chaos Emeralds, and our Palico will take on the super Saiyan in his heart and become Super Sonic.

For interior design aficionados, the event will also release Sonic Figurine trinkets for you to decorate your room in Kamura Village.

The content arrives for free on November 26. Fans aren't short of updates from Monster Hunter Rise. Sunbreak, which releases in 2022 and includes the badass dragon Malzeno, promises to be the most considerable expansion to date.

Monster Hunter Rise is currently only available on Switch but is coming to PC early next year. PC players can be adventuring through Monster Hunter World and its Iceborne expansion while waiting for the latest installment in this long-running series.

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