Monster Hunter Rise players are getting a free gift

Monster Hunter Rise players are getting a free gift

It's no secret that Monster Hunter games are quite popular in Japan but the series is also a huge success in the West. Since the first Monster Hunter was released worldwide an increasing number of players have shown an interest in the spectacular monster hunting experience that it delivers. Epic fights against colossal monsters, a world full of strange creatures to explore, plenty of customizable cosmetic options, and weapons to craft and upgrade as you collect materials from your prey are just some of the features that have made the series so popular. But the last installment in the series seems to be on a new level.

Monster Hunter Rise has sold more than 5 million copies quite fast after it was released. Even though the game is only available on Nintendo Switch and it won't come to PC until the future, this adventure has all the potential to become the most successful Monster Hunter game. It probably has a lot to do with the new mechanics introduced in the game, including wyvern riding and the "Wirebug", which allow you to perform incredible feats. 



If you already own Monster Hunter Rise, you are entitled to a nice treat to celebrate the success of the game. Kamura Pack 1: Big Hit Celebration is already available in the game. You can claim it for free and it contains 30 Mega Potions, 20 Well-done Steaks, 10 Large Barrel Bombs, 5 Mega Demondrugs, and 5 Mega Armorskins. All those consumables will be a nice addition to your equipment and will be quite useful to hunt more monsters. Remember that you will have to update the game before you can claim the pack.

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