Monster Hunter Rise is a huge success

Monster Hunter Rise is a huge success

The latest installment in the Monster Hunter Series is exclusive to Nintendo Switch players but that is not stopping the game from achieving very good sales. According to Capcom, Monster Hunter Rise has sold over four million copies just four days after the game was released for Nintendo's console. Even though that number may not seem too spectacular if you compare it with some other AAA titles, previous installments of the series were not as successful as Monster Hunter Rise and of course not that fast. If we take into account that the game will be available on PC next year, the future looks quite promising for the franchise.

The sheer number of new mechanics that Monster Hunter Rise brings to the table makes the game quite appealing to most fans of the series. Additional movement options with the Wirebug and also wyvern riding have become a fan-favorite quite fast and combine quite well with the classic gameplay seen in previous installments. Storywise, the game is not too deep, but it's interesting enough to keep you going, and allows you to focus on hunting monsters and gearing up your character as you please. Also, you may find the graphics a bit lacking when it comes to the environments if you are used to playing other monster hunter games on PC, but it still makes full use of the Nintendo Switch's capabilities.



Although some players with experience in Monster Hunter games may consider Monster Hunter Rise a bit easier, it still offers quite enjoyable gameplay and a certain degree of challenge, and it's quite a solid standalone option for those who want to live a slightly different experience in the world of Monster Hunter. But if you are more into the classic experience, Monster Hunter World and its expansion Iceborne are a perfect choice, and they are available on more platforms. Whichever you choose, you can find them at the best price on our comparator anytime.


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