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Metro: Last Light Redux is free on PC

Metro: Last Light Redux is free on PC

After the huge success of the Star Wars: Battlefront II giveaway that took place a few weeks ago on Epic Games Store, this week is the turn of another couple of games. You can claim Metro: Last Light Redux and For the King on Epic Games Store until next Thursday. Even though both games are completely different in terms of gameplay, they will be a nice addition to your library of games on PC, and all that you need to do to get them is logging into your EGS account and claim them. They will be permanently available to you after that, and you can download and install them as many times as you want. 

Metro: Last Light Redux is the remastered version of Metro: Last Light and it offers the same first-person shooting horror experience in a post-apocalyptic setting but with enhanced graphics and new gameplay modes. It also includes all the DLC released for the original game. Trying to survive in the Moscow Metro in the aftermath of a nuclear conflict has never been so thrilling.



On the other hand, For the King is a strategy game that combines roguelike mechanics and turn-based combat to deliver a great gameplay experience for multiple players. Take part in challenging fights as you explore procedurally generated maps full of quests and events.



First-person shooter or strategy. You don't need to choose which one you prefer right now because you can get both games now and decide later. The huge amount of games that players have been able to get for free since Epic Games Store was launched has contributed to making the platform quite popular, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they are selling more games. Whatever the case is, the opportunity of getting a game without having to pay for it on PC is always welcome.

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