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Metro Redux is coming to Switch

Metro Redux is coming to Switch

Nintendo Switch was launched with a rather short catalog of games, but the number of games that you can play on the Japanese company's hybrid console has increased exponentially with the adaptation of plenty of titles that were already available for other platforms. The main reason behind this is that the capabilities of Nintendo Switch have made the console quite popular, so it's become quite attractive for some developers.

According to the Pan European Game Information board, Metro Redux has received a PEGI rating for Nintendo Switch. That means that Deep Silver's survival horror series will be released for the platform very soon, even though no official statement has been published about it.

If you are a fan of the Metro series you already should know that Metro Redux is a compilation that includes revamped versions of two titles, Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. These versions have improved visuals, superior AI, better controls and a plethora of gameplay enhancements that make the experience much better for the players.

Metro 2033 is set in the ruins of a ravaged Moscow in the aftermath of a nuclear war that devastated the world two decades earlier. You will play as Artyom, a young man who is part of the survivors of the war that used the tunnels of Moscow's underground system to survive. Life is not easy, but things take a turn for the worse at the Exhibition station where you live after it's attacked by a group of mysterious creatures called the Dark Ones. The attack sets a series of events in motion and you will end having to fight to defend your home and your life.

Metro: Last Light is a sequel to Metro 2033 which follows the story of Artyom. In this game, the Dark Ones are still the main theme of the story but as more factions get involved in this conflict things start to get more complicated for you and you start wondering if killing the Dark Ones was the right decision. As the story unfolds you will have to decide about the destiny of your enemies and be the witness of the consequences of your acts.

Metro Redux also includes all the DLC available for both games. Although we don't know the precise date when it will be available on Nintendo Switch we are sure that it's going to be a well-received release.

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