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Markarth is the new expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online

Markarth is the new expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online

The Dark Heart of Skyrim is coming to an end soon in The Elder Scrolls Online and developer Zenimax has just announced a new expansion that wraps up the this year's season. The new expansion will take us to Markarth, the magnificient city embedded in the cliffs of the mountains that we could discover in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but about 800 years in the past. It has changed quite a bit, and there you will meet both new and familiar characters as you get involved in a new quest stop a secret conspirancy and prevent the death of many people.

The Markarth Prologue questline is now live and available to anybody who owns The Elder Scrolls Online. You don't need to own any other DLC to play through it. all you have to do to start the quest is purchasing the “House Ravenwatch Contract” fron the Crown Store in the game to start your adventure in Markarth. The prologue includes two missions that will let you delve in the secrets of the House Ravenwatch and if you complete them you will get the Reliquary of Dark Designs memento as a reward, which allows you to temporarily summon an illusion of a Stone Husk.



Markarth expansion will launch on November 2 but before that Zenimax will start the Lost Treasures of Skyrim event on September 23, which will give you the possibility of looking for treasures all over the world of The Elder Scrolls Online and also unlock a majestic new home in the game. Although this will probably be the last DLC that we see this year for the MMORPG it's quite likely that we will discover what kind of surprises are in store for us for the next season very soon.

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