Stonethorn is the new DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online

Stonethorn is the new DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda announced yesterday the changes that Update 27 will bring to their MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online. Not only the base game will benefit from performance improvements that will help the stability of the game by reducing the number of memory crashes and the loading times, but the patch will also add some new features available to all players. The two most significant ones include the possibility of creating paths for the characters that the players can place in their houses. The new system will allow players to create certain behaviors for these characters, making them more real and turning the environment of the house more lifelike.

The second novelty included in Update 27 for The Elder Scrolls Online is group mounts. Bethesda announced them yesterday via Twitter and they have also revealed a few details about the upcoming DLC, Stonethorn.

“In the Stonethorn DLC, you and your team can explore two exciting new dungeons that build upon the tales from the earlier Harrowstorm DLC and Greymoor Chapter. Note that while these dungeons are part of a larger, grand narrative, you can jump in and enjoy their stories without having to complete any of the previous Dark Heart of Skyrim adventures. In fact, if you so wished, you could begin your year-long journey right now!" 

"These dungeons provide more exciting adventures for you and your party, filled with monstrous beasts and challenging boss battles to overcome, amazing new questlines to experience, and a huge selection of additional Achievements, item sets, and collectibles to earn.”

Update 27 will be open in The Elder Scrolls Online test server next week for players to try it and Stonethorn DLC will be available when the update goes live. Like the Greymoor expansion, Stonethorn DLC will expand The Dark Heart of Skyrim adventure, which will come to a conclusion later this year with the release of another DLC, Darkstorm. 


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