Greymoor prologue is playable for free in The Elder Scrolls Online

Greymoor prologue is playable for free in The Elder Scrolls Online

As we advance through the new season of The Elder Scrolls Online, new content is being made available to the players that want to delve into the Dark Heart of Skyrim. We have recently seen the release of the Harrowstorm expansion pack, which adds two new locations and storylines to the game. One of them sends us to Icereach to fight against a coven of witches that is causing trouble in the area with their magic rituals. In the second one we visit Bangkorai to stop a group of necromancers from disturbing the eternal rest of the dead in an ancient burial site. But now Bethesda has released the first chapter of the prologue to Greymoor, the upcoming major expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online which is to be released later this year.



The Greymoor prologue is now available for free on all platforms. If you want to experience this adventure you will have to go to the Crown Store in the game and use the free Quest Starter, titled “Prologue Quest: The Coven Conspiracy.” You will then be sent to the Fighter's Guild in the capital of your faction to talk to Lyris Titanborn. She will ask you to help her investigate an emerging threat that has appeared in the northernmost territories of the world. You will travel to Skyrim and into the depths of Blackreach and discover that the evil schemes of the Icereach Cover go far beyond what anyone could have imagined.

When you complete the missions in the prologue, you will receive unique rewards that include the Chains of the Ice Witch memento and Windhelm Scale Tunic style to customize your characters.

You can experience all this for free by taking part in the free to play event that begins in The Elder Scrolls Online from tomorrow. Starting April 1 at 4 pm CEST, you can have access to the base game and check out the Greymoor Chapter Prologue for free on all platforms through April 13. 

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