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ESO: Elsweyr trailer shows the new Necromancer class

ESO: Elsweyr trailer shows the new Necromancer class

The Elder Scrolls Online will have its next major expansion in June and it comes with a new class, the Necromancer. This new class has a lot of interesting capabilities since it will permit the players to raise the dead, cover themselves with impenetrable bone shields and “weave severed flesh back together with the power of Tamriel’s dark arts,” what means that they can raise undead pets from corpses, albeit temporarily.



Bethesda has also said that the class “requires a certain level of subtlety not found in the game’s other classes.” They mainly refer to the fact that performing necromancy acts will be seen as a crime but most "common" people, so you will have to be very careful about where you raise your minions. For those that haven´t played The Elder Scrolls Online, we have to explain that there is a Justice system in the game that will automatically put a bounty on your head if you are watched while performing any illegal act like picking locks or stealing. If you are branded as a criminal, you will be attacked by guards everywhere until you pay up enough money to clear your bounty or enough time has passed.

It seems that necromancer abilities will be quite powerful, but such power comes with a certain risk, and they may have a tough time if they use the dark powers of necromancy in inappropriate places. This mechanic fits perfectly the lore and the justice system of the game, as necromancy has always been frowned-upon in Tamriel. But players that decide to try the new Necromancer class shouldn't be too worried about using their powers, because Bethesda has audited many quest NPCs so necromancers wouldn´t end without a chance to do quests properly on fear of ending with a bounty on their heads. If you pre-purchase The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr you will get several in-game items as a bonus:


  • Noble Clan-Chief costume
  • Dragon imp pet
  • Baandari Pedlar Crate
  • Rahd-m’Athra Mount


The Elsweyr expansion marks the return of the fearsome dragons to The Elder Scrolls Online and expands the territories available for adventuring in the game with the wild and untamed lands of the Khajiit cat-people.


The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr

The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr - Dragon


The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr will be available on PC and Mac on May 20 in early access, and will launch on all platforms on June 4.

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