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TESO: the Scalebreaker pack adds two new dungeons

TESO: the Scalebreaker pack adds two new dungeons

The dragons have not finished being honored this year in The Elder Scrolls Online. The last chapter, Elsweyr, released last month was announced earlier this year as part of the Dragon Season. Elsweyr, in addition to adding a new class, the necromancer, and a new area, Elsweyr, the land of the Khajiits, marks the return of the dragons to Tamriel. The Dragon Season, scheduled to last throughout the year 2019, has not finished delivering all its content. Two download packs which were announced during the E3 are yet to come by the end of 2019, Scalebreaker and Dragonhold. The first, Scalebreaker is scheduled for the third quarter, while Dragonhold will arrive at the end of the year.

We have good news for those who are looking for new adventures, Scalebreaker will bring two new dungeons. In the first, The Reliquary of the Funeral Moons, you will have to stop a macabre ritual of the vampires from the Hollow Croc Clan. They hold a dragon prisoner and a vampire dragon guard drinks his blood hoping to absorb its powers. You will, of course, have to prevent that, but a number of obstacles will stand in your way. In addition to the vampires of the Croc Creux clan, you will have to solve sliding stones puzzles. Their role is not yet well defined, but we know that it will be necessary to hit them to move and progress, and they will also be used during the fighting. There is a total of five bosses that you will have to face, and of course, rewards await you if you defeat them, including the set of Dro'zakar Claws, furniture, the Monster Mask if you manage to beat the final boss on Veteran difficulty or a familiar Gallopin of Indomitable Bast.





The second dungeon, Maarselok's Lair, remains more mysterious. We know that it will lead us into the jungle of Tenmar, prone to corruption and home to the dragon Maarselok, which you will have to defeat. It will be possible to play Scalbreaker for free for ESO Plus subscribers; other players can still unlock it in the crown shop, at a price still unknown. As usual, if you want to buy The Elder Scrolls Online or the Elsweyr expansion, you will find them at the best price on our comparator.

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