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Lies of P surpasses 1 million copies sold

Lies of P surpasses 1 million copies sold

Bloodborne became one of the biggest hits in recent years and there's been many games created in its shadow, but the fans are constantly looking for a title that offers a similar experience. FromSoftware's creation may finally have a game worthy of being called its successor in Lies of P. Developer Neowiz Games has turned a classic tale into an exciting adventure that has surpassed all expectations. The frail puppet boy known as Pinocchio is now a capable fighter who can survive by himself in a dark world while progressing through a thrilling storyline in Lies of P.

A modern Bloodborne

The ultimate test that decides if a game is worthy enough is the reception it gets from the players, and Lies of P has passed it without any problem. Despite the obvious and expected comparisons with previous titles in the genre, the game has enough personality to claim a spot for itself in the hearts of the fans. Reviews have been very positive, and the sales are matching the increasing popularity of the game despite the recent release of other titles, like Lords of the Fallen. Neowiz Games has confirmed the good results achieved by Lies of P by revealing that the game has already sold more than 1 million copies, which is quite an achievement in less than a month since it was released.


It will be very interesting to see what the future holds for Lies of P. We already know that the game will probably be receiving an expansion in the future but no details have been revealed about it so far. In any case, Neowiz Games will have news for the fans soon, as confirmed by Lies of P's game director in a recent interview.

"The reception has been incredible so far, and we are beyond thankful that over one million players have already embarked on their journey through Krat. Likewise, we are excited for what the future holds for Lies of P, and can't wait to share more when the time is right."

Meanwhile, we highly recommend that you immerse into this dark version of the classic fable starring Pinocchio if you haven't already. The best deals on Lies of P CD keys are available with our comparator.

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