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Lies of P may be getting a DLC

Lies of P may be getting a DLC

Lies of P has become one of the most interesting games of 2023 when it comes to Souls-like games. Although it is not a new Bloodborne, the adventure created by Neowiz Games delivers a solid and exciting enough experience to fill the gap while a possible sequel to FromSoftware's title arrives. The Japanese developer is busy enough with Armored Core VI: Fires of Runicon to think about releasing anything else right now, and possible alternatives are more than welcomed by a community avid of games, especially if they are as good as Lies of P.

While Pinocchio's latest adventure has some minor flaws when it comes to gameplay, the overall game experience is great and it shines at some specific moments. The story in Lies of P is quite original despite it being inspired by a tale that is well known to players of all ages, and it allows you to immerse in a dark and treacherous world. There are plenty of players who would love to see more of that world, and it seems that Neowiz Games will please them with an expansion.

An accidental reveal

According to information published on Neowiz's site regarding a job offering and spotted by Okami13, the studio is looking for some people to work on projects that would include a DLC for Lies of P.



Even though a "DLC planned for production" does not necessarily mean that it will finally happen, the good numbers achieved by Lies of P when it comes to sales could push towards it becoming a reality sometime in the future. You probably shouldn't hold your breath waiting for a possible expansion to be released, but it would be really nice if it does.

In any case, Lies of P is good enough to deserve a place in any video game library, especially for those who love unique adventures with Souls-like combat and plenty of weapons to choose from. If you have not discovered the game yet, we highly recommend that you use our comparator to get a Lies of P PC key and join Pinocchio in his epic adventure as soon as today.

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