Horizon Forbidden West hits 8.4 million copies in sales

Horizon Forbidden West hits 8.4 million copies in sales

Guerilla Games has announced in a recent PlayStation blog post that Horizon Forbidden West has sold a total of 8.4 million copies worldwide. As a whole, that means the Horizon series has sold 32.7 million since 2017. Not a bad achievement for Guerilla Games as they celebrate their 20-year anniversary.



As Guerrilla Games’ Studio Director and Studio Art & Animation Director Jan-Bart van Beek tells it:

“Millions more around the world have discovered Horizon thanks to PlayStation’s subscription services and initiatives, including PlayStation Plus, and Play at Home. All told, it’s a milestone we never imagined possible twenty years ago when we first started making games.”

The Horizon franchise began in 2017 with Horizon Zero Dawn, a considerable gamble for the studio as no one had ever seen a game quite like it before. During the 2015 E3 showcase, van Beek recalls saying, 'What if it doesn’t work? What if the whole idea of cave people fighting robot dinosaurs is just too silly?’

Thankfully, the game was warmly received by players and Horizon went on to become a successful franchise, with the sequel Horizon Forbidden West going on sale in 2022 and its DLC, Burning Shores, releasing last April. 

More on the horizon

What is interesting about Horizon is the way its main character, Aloy, continues to grow. Starting as an outcast orphan, she has taken a journey that made her a hero and savior to many human tribes in a harsh, machine-filled world. Despite that, she has remained an outcast who remained isolated from human communities—that is, until Burning Shores.

At last, Aloy meets her match in a young Quen warrior named Seyka. On their shared quest for justice, the two bond over childhood traumas and experience something new and unexpected: they fall in love. For once, Aloy finds she doesn't have to walk through life alone. 

Though Burning Shores ends with the two separating to pursue other duties, the seeds have been sown for a continuation of Aloy’s story. As expected, Guerilla Games confirmed last month that another Horizon sequel is in the works and fans can look forward to seeing where Aloy’s journey will take her—and you can bet Seyka will show up too.

If you haven’t tried this soon-to-be classic PS5 exclusive, get a Horizon Forbidden West PS5 key from our comparator. And don’t forget its DLC, Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores.

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