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You can now pre-load Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores

You can now pre-load Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores

Horizon Forbidden West’s DLC Burning Shores is almost here and you can pre-load it right now. Guerilla Games’ expansion launches tomorrow, April 19, and it introduces a new mount, a new companion, and an intimidating new boss. You can have a look at the launch trailer here:



The Steaming Shores of Danger

We’ve previously introduced the Waterwing, Aloy’s new mount, which has the ability to fly, dive into the ocean, and defend you from new Machine threats, of which there will be plenty. Thankfully, you also have a new companion to keep you company. Seyka is a member of the Quen, a sea-faring tribe that was introduced in the original game. Like Aloy, the Quen have access to ancient technology and have the ability to use Focuses. However, they can only read information up to a certain point in history.

According to Burning Shores lead writer Annie Kitain, Seyka is “an ambitious marine who has stepped up to help her people survive.”

"As a new companion for the DLC, Aloy will spend a lot of time with her throughout the story and rely on her help in many situations—a position she doesn’t often find herself in. Confident, compassionate, and fierce, Seyka’s quite unlike anyone Aloy has ever encountered, and she plays an important role in the next chapter of Aloy’s journey."

Here’s some footage of actors Ashley Burch (Aloy) and Kylie Liya Page (Seyka). 



Also teased in the launch trailer is probably the biggest boss fight in the franchise: Aloy vs. a Metal Devil. This enormous monstrosity can tear up the landscape and ruins of L.A., which is likely why Guerilla Games is banking on the power of the PS5 to make the visuals that much more eye-popping. According to Game Director Mathijs de Jonge, there will be a battle scene that will need “a LOT of memory and processing power.”

If you still haven’t pre-ordered the Burning Shores DLC, you can still do so. Get a Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores PS5 key from our comparator. 


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