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High Isle is already available for The Elder Scrolls Online

High Isle is already available for The Elder Scrolls Online

The peak of every year-long adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online comes with the launch of a new expansion. These adventures can be considered as a full season that follows a certain storyline. Players get access to several DLCs and a major expansion throughout the year, and the latest one is available on PC right now. High Isle is part of the Legacy of the Bretons, and it brings a lot of novelties to the already vast world of the MMORPG. Before getting into detail, let's take a look at the launch trailer below.


The home of the Bretons

High Isle takes players to the ancestral home of the Bretons, the Systres Archipelago. This never-before-explored part of Tamriel has maintained itself somewhat neutral in the war for the throne, and it's an idyllic paradise for Breton noble houses. The expansion brings a new chapter in a story that gets players to investigate a mysterious organization known as the Ascending Order, whose influence has expanded across multiple levels in the Systres. The motivations of the order and its machinations behind the scenes will surely lead to an exciting conclusion in the near future. 

High Isle brings more than new lands to explore, quests, and cosmetic items. Tales of Tribute is a new game system introduced with the expansion. It functions as a deck-building card game that you can play with other players and the NPCs across Tamriel, and it will allow you to unlock special rewards. Also, two new companions are available with this expansion: Ember the Khajiit and Isobel Veloise the Breton Knight. You can recruit them, so they join you in your travels and also learn about their story through several questlines. 

High Isle also brings a new challenging experience for a group of players. The Dreadsail Reef is a new Trial that pits twelve players against a fearsome group of pirates. On a smaller scale, Volcanic Vents have started appearing throughout the archipelago, and you can help to close them by taking part in new world events.

Overall,High Isle is a solid expansion that brings a lot of content to The Elder Scrolls Online. You can use our comparator to find the best price for your High Isle PC key and play already. The console version of the expansion will launch on June 21st, though.

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