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Gotham Knights reveals Nightwing and Red Hood gameplay

Gotham Knights reveals Nightwing and Red Hood gameplay

Gotham Knights is launching in October, so there’s currently a slew of news to discuss. Firstly, Warner Brothers Montreal revealed a gameplay video for two members of the cast: Nightwing and Red Hood.



As you can see from the video, each character has their own approach to combat. Nightwing, aka Dick Grayson, uses escrima sticks that double as shock batons. Meanwhile, Jason Todd—alias Red Hood—uses gun-fu with a pair of pistols that presumably have non-lethal rounds. 

One interesting thing to note is their manner of traversing Gotham’s cityscapes. Nightwing uses a jet-powered glider to move across the rooftops. It’s called “the flying trapeze,” referencing Grayson’s background as a former trapeze artist.

On the other hand, Red Hood uses some kind of mystical power to create platforms in mid-air. As explained by director Geoff Ellenor, "he uses his mystical leap to move across the rooftops, spring-boarded by his own soul energy.” Supposedly this comes from being trained by an organization of assassins. An odd explanation to be sure, as Red Hood is now the only superhero in the Bat Family to exhibit powers—a deviation from his more grounded comic book origins. 

From a previous gameplay video, we’ve seen that Robin (Tim Drake) can teleport and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) can glide with her cape and can also summon bats to attack her enemies. All four characters are said to be playable in 4-person co-op.


It’s been noted before thatGotham Knights won’t be available for older consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. This is strange, considering that the graphics as seen in the gameplay video look worse than Batman: Arkham Knight, released seven years before. Hopefully, things will look better once the game launches in October. You can get a Gotham Knights PS5 code with our comparator.

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