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Gotham Knights Trailer Reveals Society of Villains

Gotham Knights Trailer Reveals Society of Villains

Yet another notable game to have a trailer out during the weekend’s DC Fandome is Gotham Knights, Warner Brothers Montreal’s RPG game that features Batman’s proteges: Nightwing (Dick Grayson), Robin (Tim Drake), Red Hood (Jason Todd), and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon). 



While beginning with the premise that Batman is dead and the Batcave blown to bits, Gotham Knights is NOT in fact connected with the Arkham game series—it stands on its own. The story begins with Bruce Wayne sending a pre-programmed video to his proteges and sidekicks, issuing a Code Black. With both Batman and Commissioner Gordon dead, Gotham is now in the hands of four members of the Bat Family.

Gotham Knights is an open-world RPG where you can switch from one character to another among the four heroes. Each one has their own unique abilities: Robin can teleport by accessing the Watchtower satellite while Batgirl can glide and use many of Batman’s tactics. Presumably, Nightwing has tricks with his escrima sticks and Red Hood with his arsenal of guns. Batman's faithful butler, Alfred, and GCPD Captain Renee Montoya provide support.

While the Gotham Knights will face Batman’s rogue’s gallery, including the likes of Mr. Freeze and the Penguin, the most formidable enemy before them is the Court of Owls. In the comics, the Court is a dangerous society made up of Gotham’s oldest and richest families. Their Illuminati-like influence allows them to manipulate both Gotham City’s high society and its criminal underworld, and their will is enforced by their army of super-soldiers called Talons. 



When is Gotham Knights releasing?

Originally set for 2021, Gotham Knights’ release has been pushed back to some time in 2022. It will release for the PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. Watch this space for more news and best prices for Gotham Knights.

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