Game Pass will introduce drastic changes

Game Pass will introduce drastic changes

Microsoft offers a wide selection of video games that you can enjoy as part of its paid subscription service Game Pass. Whether it's on PC or Xbox consoles this formula has been a favourite of many players, allowing them to download and play those games as much as they want as long as they are included in the service. Lately, the service has also served to draw players to the platform by making available brand-new releases. This is what will happen with the next title in the Call of Duty series, for example. Back in May, Activision confirmed that Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 would be included in the Game Pass at launch, making the service quite an appealing choice for those who wanted to try the game without paying the full price. However, things will change a bit for the service before that happens.

A price increase

From September 12 Microsoft will increase the price for the Game Pass service across all platforms. The price increase for the PC Game Pass will depend on your region, but it will be about 2 $/€, which is about a 20% increase in the service cost. However, if you play on a console and are interested in the Xbox Game Pass things will get a bit more complicated. Microsoft will release a new Xbox Game Pass Standard tier that will not include any day-one releases. This service will be 2 $/€ cheaper than the current Xbox Ultimate Pass, but it leaves out the option of playing the most recent releases as soon as they are available. That leaves players who want to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 via the service with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as the only option, and it will also receive a similar price increase as the other services.



While the price increase may not be significant enough to make some players abandon Xbox Game Pass, it's underwhelming to see how such a popular service changes without a warning, especially when it's for the worse. Fortunately, there are many other options if you want to enjoy your favourite games at the best price, like our price comparison too, which can easily provide you with the best prices to pre-order a Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 code and thousands of other games for your platform of choice with just a couple of clicks.

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