Fallout 76's latest update adds legendary crafting

Fallout 76's latest update adds legendary crafting

Bethesda keeps adding content toFallout 76. We recently saw the addition of the Brotherhood of Steel as a faction along with a storyline and new missions that allowed you to interact with them. These righteous warriors are one of the most powerful factions in the world of Fallout 76 thanks to their advanced technology, which allows them to use power armor and energy weapons. It's no surprise that they are the favorite of the fans then. But all those immersed in the story of the Brotherhood of Steel with the Steel Dawn update were waiting for its conclusion, which is available now thanks to the latest update released by  Bethesda just yesterday.

Steel Reign, the update 28 for Fallout 76, puts an end to the story of the Brotherhood of Steel, and it will grant special rewards to those players that manage to finish the questline. It's not the only major addition that this update has brought to the game, though. A brand new Legendary Crafting system has been implemented in Fallout 76, and players can now enhance their items to make them more powerful or even reroll their stats by using a couple of new materials: Legendary Cores and Legendary Modules. 



If you were looking for a new adventure but you do not fancy the Brotherhood of Steel, K.D. Inkwell is back in a new adventure that throws her into a dystopian future where a group of Dolphin Human Hybrids is trying to conquer the world. Update 28 brings plenty of other minor changes and improvements to Fallout 76, and you can check them all on the official patch notes.

If you are a fan of the Fallout series or you want to delve into a post-apocalyptic universe where humans struggle for survival, Fallout 76 offers you quite a thrilling experience, and you can find it at the best price on our comparator.


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