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Fallout 76 Steel Dawn update will go live next month

Fallout 76 Steel Dawn update will go live next month

We talked about it a couple of weeks ago. Fallout 76 is receiving a free update that will add plenty of new content to the game. Steel Dawn will bring a fan-favorite faction into Fallout 76, the Brotherhood of Steel, righteous guys clad in power armor that make use of the most advanced technology they can gather to restore order and rebuild society. Their main interest is to recover and preserve any kind of lost technology and put it to the best use in order to expand their influence and their message. They won't hesitate if they have to crush any opponents in order to achieve their mission. Bethesda has released a new video to introduce the Brotherhood of Steel and it allows you to get some insight into their intentions and story.

Under the lead of Paladin Leila Rahmani, a group of soldiers has arrived from California to establish a base and spread their influence and control over Appalachia and you will have the opportunity of joining their ranks. Although it's quite sure that the impressive technology that the Brotherhood of Steel owns is going to attract many players whether they share their vision or not, the addition of a new contender to the permanent fight for supremacy and turf undergoing in the Wasteland will have quite an impact. Many other factions will see them as a huge threat to their position and they will surely make a move against them. 



But the Steel Dawn update is also adding other new features to Fallout 76. When the update is available on December 1, you will have at your disposal plenty of cosmetic items to personalize your character, and you will be able to set up and decorate new underground shelters separate from your main C.A.M.P. that will serve as an alternative base of operations in the Appalachia.

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