Fallout 76: Steel Dawn update is coming soon

Fallout 76: Steel Dawn update is coming soon

Despite having a relatively complicated release, Fallout 76 is still here and continues to bring together a good number of players. Almost two years after a rather stormy launch due to numerous in-game bugs, and controversy over pre-order bonuses, developer Bethesda continues to bring new content to Fallout 76.

They already released the free Wastelanders update earlier this year. It brought a number of new features that fundamentally transformed the gaming experience, making Fallout 76 a much better game thanks to a richer and more varied gaming experience, especially due to the eagerly awaited arrival of human NPCs, which added a more lively aspect to the game.

Fallout 76's next update, Steel Dawn, will arrive in-game soon, and you can learn more information about it in a new video that introduces the Brotherhood of Steel.



Ad Victoriam! The Brotherhood of Steel is planning to return to Appalachia this December with our Steel Dawn Update for Fallout 76. Led by Paladin Rahmani, this Brotherhood outfit’s objectives currently remain unclear. However, they will certainly be looking to you for a debrief on the current state of Appalachia, and to lend a helping hand with their endeavors


The Brotherhood of Steel will be with us for a while as additional content slated for a release in 2021 for Fallout 76 will be sharing this theme. While waiting to find out more, you can now enjoy a limited-time event that celebrates Halloween and offers a number of activities and rewards. You can find the full list of them on the official website of the game.

If you haven't played Fallout 76 since before the Wastelanders update you should give it a second chance because the game has become much better since then, and if you don't have the game yet you can find it at the best price thanks to our comparator.

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