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Expeditions: Rome takes grand strategy to a smaller scale

Expeditions: Rome takes grand strategy to a smaller scale

It's well known that the Roman Empire dominated Europe and the territories around the Mediterranean sea for a long while. Most games that focus on this historical period tend to be grand strategy games where you command legions and conquer territories, but there is room for smaller skirmishes in history, and Expeditions: Rome is all about these. The game follows the story of a young Legatus as he tries to forge his own destiny in the complex political world of the Roman Empire, and it focuses on a small group of characters immersed in a military campaign that will take them across Greece, North Africa, Gaul, and Rome.



Expeditions: Rome is a role-playing game where you control a party of Praetorians. The decisions you make will shape the story as it progresses and determine your legion's fate. The game features a detailed turn-based combat system based on skills. The characters can use different weapons and access a wide variety of skills that they can upgrade as they level up. Instead of focusing on grand strategy tactics, Expeditions: Rome offers a gameplay similar to Divinity Original Sin 2, but its mechanics do not reach the level of complexity and interaction between different elements seen in Larian Studio's game. Still, the game offers a high level of detail and quite a nice gameplay experience while focusing on a thrilling storyline full of intrigues in the times of the Roman Empire that will appeal to many players.



The launch of Expeditions: Rome is scheduled for January 20, 2022, on PC. A free demo of the game currently available on Steam gives you access to the beginning of the Greece campaign, where you are in charge of conquering Lesbos. It provides you with about four hours of gameplay that will be more than enough for you to make an opinion about the game. If you like it, you can find the best price to buy your Expeditions: Rome Steam Key on our comparator.

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