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Elden Ring is a huge hit despite some performance problems

Elden Ring is a huge hit despite some performance problems

A few days ago, the release of Elden Ring was received with joy by a huge number of players across all platforms. FromSoftware's new game is one of the most anticipated titles of the year, and as the spiritual successor of the Dark Souls series, it caught the attention of its huge fan base. The incredible graphics and the game features revealed by the developer during the marketing campaign for the game generated a huge expectation that reached its maximum level last Friday. With more than 750.000 concurrent players on Steam soon after release, it became clear that Elden Ring is a huge success, but an increasing number of negative reviews has accompanied the launch on Valve's platform.

Problems at launch

Elden Ring's performance on PC is not as good as it should be right now. Players are reporting common shuttering problems and drops in the frame rate that the launch day patch has not solved. Of course, the second most common complaint is about the game's difficulty, but anybody that played Dark Souls had very good insight on that matter. After all, the game's extreme difficulty, to the point of being frustrating, is one of the most appealing features of FomSoftware's titles for quite a few people.



FromSoftware has already acknowledged Elden Ring's performance problems on PC and other platforms, and the studio is constantly working on getting them fixed as soon as possible. Despite these issues, Elden Ring continues to have a massive number of concurrent players on Steam. The dark and incredibly detailed universe of the Lands Between, a new story to discover, and the exciting and challenging gameplay style that has made the Dark Souls series a referent copied by many other games, are enough reasons to immerse yourself in the world of Elden Ring despite some technical issues.

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