Distant Worlds 2 takes the series to a new level

Distant Worlds 2 takes the series to a new level

Those with experience in the genre of the 4X strategy games are eagerly awaiting the upcoming release of Distant Worlds 2. This new installment in the popular sci-fi grand strategy series will arrive in a couple of weeks, but the series has been a favorite for the fans of the genre for quite a while. Plenty of customization options, a detailed management system, and vast galaxies to explore and conquer are just some of the features that have made the series a hit among the fans of strategy. Distant Worlds 2 aims to deliver an immersive experience with previous games as a foundation, enhancing the best features from other games in the series and adding new ones to surprise the fans.

Distant Worlds 2 follows the premises of the best titles in the genre. You control a civilization and have to expand it across the stars. Whether you choose to do it by conquering star systems by the force of arms or you prefer to do it peacefully through mining and diplomacy, the game offers you plenty of ways of achieving your goal. It's a massive experience featuring scenarios with an impressive level of detail and galaxies that present an unprecedented number of locations to visit and events to encounter. 



Customizable universe

Of course, there are plenty of stories to discover as you explore every corner of this universe, and two games won't be the same, as there are several factions to choose from, each with a different playstyle. Also, you can play through different storylines or explore outer space in sandbox mode. Whatever you choose to do in the game, Distant Worlds 2 offers you a unique and immersive experience that you can personalize by changing plenty of gameplay variables and even using a complete editor to create the perfect scenario for your games.



With such a good perspective ahead, the release of Distant Worlds 2 is scheduled for March 10 on PC. Feel free to visit our comparator anytime to compare prices and buy your Distant Worlds 2 code cheap.

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