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Dead Island 2 will be censored in some countries

Dead Island 2 will be censored in some countries

There is no doubt about the level of gore present in Dead Island 2 being almost outrageously excessive. Dismembering zombies, chopping them down, or reducing them to a bloody pulp is something that is not uncommon in games where you massacre tons of undead monstrosities. Of course, such kind of features have an impact on the ESRB rating of such games, and in some exceptional cases, we have seen games censored and even forbidden in certain countries. Well, it seems that Dead Island 2 will be in that range, at least in Germany.



The USK is responsible for rating video games in Germany and it turns out that Deep Silver had to make some concessions to get the USK 18 rating in the European country. You will be able to brutally kill zombies in the upcoming horror game, but you won't be able to continue interacting with their corpses after they are dead. Instead, the official press release on this matter suggests you move on to a different enemy if you want to continue your violent onslaught.

"For players of the USK version, the following applies: Once the zombies are chopped up, crushed to a pulp or flambéed, they can't do any more damage to them – and why should they? After all, there are enough roaming zombies just waiting to be dismembered."

This change doesn't seem to be significant enough to prevent German players to enjoy Dead Island 2 and it's quite likely that the long-awaited installment in the zombie-massacre series will be a success no matter what. Therefore, if you want to find the best prices to buy your Dead Island 2 PC key, you can use our comparator anytime.

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