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Dead Island 2 will be revealed next month

Dead Island 2 will be revealed next month

When Deep Silver confirmed that Dead Island 2 was still in the works none of the fans could believe it. It's been so long since the game was first announced that it's still hard to believe that we will be able to play it at some point. When the reveal video of the game was shown at this year's Gamescom, all the fans started to realize that the game could really become a reality but the previous circumstances have made a lot of fans take any news about Dead Island 2 with a pinch of salt.

In fact, we are yet to discover what kind of features the long-awaited new installment in the zombie-killing video game series will include and it's about time for the developer to fix that. The guys at Dambuster Studio must be thinking the same because they have announced an official Dead Island 2 Showcase for December 6 via Twitter, and we couldn't be happier about that.



Still in time to be meaningful?

Deep Silver initially did set the release date for February 3, 2023, but it was delayed to April 28 later. Therefore, many things about the game should be revealed in the coming weeks. Will it take the same approach as its predecessor to the action? Is it just zombie-killing with a bit of humor? What kind of novelties Dead Island 2 will bring to the series? Is it on par with other popular titles in the genre which are currently available? There are many questions to be answered and the upcoming showcase will be perfect for that. The future of the franchise is at stake. The fans will be hard to please after so many years of waiting for Dead Island 2, so the developer better meets such high expectations.

In any case, it will all be more clear in just two weeks with the Dead Island 2 showcase. You can visit our comparator anytime to check out the best prices and buy Dead Island 2 cheap ahead of its launch on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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