Dead Island 2 first gameplay revealed

Dead Island 2 first gameplay revealed

Dead Island 2 was announced so many years ago that it's hard to believe that we are finally going to play the game. Deep Silver finally revealed the first gameplay video of the game during yesterday's showcase and the footage has as much gore and blood as you would expect. The video shows a mix of gameplay and live-action sequences that follow a few survivors who are trapped in a lush mansion in Los Angeles after an apocalyptic zombie outbreak that has turned most of the population into flesh-craving monsters. They find a copy of Dead Island 2 and that turns out to be the perfect excuse to show the game.



Dead Island 2 does not seem to bring many new things to the table, but there is an addition that looks very interesting. You will get infected and stay in a halfway state between human and monster that will grant you exceptional zombie powers. It's unclear if you will revert back to your normal state but it will be cool while it lasts. Gore and blood to the boot are at the core of a gameplay focused exclusively on gruesomely maiming and killing bloodthirsty undead. Of course, you will have a ton of weapons of all kinds to strike, rend, burn, and shoot down hordes of shambling monsters before they get close enough to bite you. Leaving aside the slight touch of humor and sarcasm that accompanies you in the first Dead Island, the new experience promises lots of action and much better graphics. We will probably discover more surprises as the release gets closer.

Whether you are one of those fans of Dead Island that have been waiting for its sequel since it was announced eight years ago or an avid player looking for a new zombie-killing experience, you will have to wait until next spring. If you pre-order the game you will have access to a couple of fancy sticks that you can use to reduce zombies to a bloody pulp. Remember that the best prices on Dead Island 2 CD keys are available with our comparator.

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