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Dead Island 2 reveals its card-based skill system

Dead Island 2 reveals its card-based skill system

Dead Island 2 is finally on track for release and it seems that the horror FPS from Dambuster studio has some unexpected novelties in store for the fans. Dead Island 2 creative director James Worrall has revealed new details about the upcoming game in a recent interview. One of the most interesting features revealed is the new skill system, which is completely unusual.



Instead of having access to several skill trees like in Dead Island, the characters in Dead Island 2 will use a skill deck that is been described as "a collection of slots that represent all kinds of different abilities and you swap the cards in and out on the fly, however you want, whenever you want." The system is just a new way of representing the skills you have chosen, but it comes with a very interesting side effect. You will be able to change your skills on the fly to adapt to any given situation.

"The art is amazing, and they're fun to look at and all of that, but they're just really fun to play with. Change skills mid-air - you can take off, change a skill, and land with a different loadout and that's just amazing."

"And you can take some real risks with your loadout as well. It really pays off… and sometimes, goes horribly wrong."

Such type of novelties will be very welcomed by the huge community of fans that have been waiting to play Dead Island 2 for over eight years already. Multiple delays have plagued its development since the game was announced but its predecessor was so popular that the hype for the game has never decreased. The release is now scheduled for April 28, 2023, on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. You can find the best deals on Dead Island 2 CD keys with our comparator already if slaughtering zombies is your favorite hobby.

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