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Days Gone launch: Available Pre-load, free DLC, and more

Days Gone launch: Available Pre-load, free DLC, and more

Days Gone is going live this Friday!

Sony Interactive and Bend Studio’s ambitious open-world survival game Days Gone is soon to be released, and that’s not even the best part yet. It has been announced that you can pre-download it onto your console if you have pre-ordered the game in PlayStation Store. This is efficiency at its best if you are itching to jump right into the action once it’s released. This is also quite reasonable since the game is pretty heavy and it will take 67GB of your free storage space. Downloading it as early as now is the way to go.

The game is joining the likes of Marvel's Spider-Man and God of War on the list of single-player exclusives for PS4. In this title, you assume the role of the bounty hunter Deacon St. John as you try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world using just your shotgun and your big bike. Surviving is one thing, but hordes of freakers out to kill you are something quite different, and there will be a lot of Freakers that you must find and kill. Days Gone developers said that the game has three difficulty modes (Easy, Normal, and Hard). It will also have free DLC, and free challenges each week beginning this June. Those DLC will include a new difficulty mode for Days Gone, Survival, which will remove Survival Vision, fast travel, and even all the indicators and maps from the screen to make the game much harder. The different challenges that will be added will test the player's skill and grant special rewards to those that manage to complete them.


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Days Gone will launch on April 26th, 2019 midnight but as mentioned earlier, you can preload it. Just go to your Purchases screen and click the "pre-download" button. The post-apocalyptic survival game was originally scheduled for a February 22nd release but it was pushed back because Bend Studio wanted to polish the game a bit more.

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