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Days Gone: a new trailer details the gameplay

Days Gone: a new trailer details the gameplay

Announced at E3 2016, Days Gone is a survival-horror action-adventure game developed by SIE Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Its release is scheduled for April 26 after being postponed, and the game will be released exclusively on PS4. Days Gone will take you to the northwestern United States after a pandemic has turned most people into zombies, which are called Freakers in the game. You play as Deacon St. John, a former outlaw Bounty hunter, who roams the desolate roads on his trusty motorcycle. Deacon is a single rider and prefers to follow his own route rather than take refuge in one of the survivor camps. In Days Gone, the danger will be waiting for you everywhere with Freaker hordes and wild animals ready to jump at your throat. A new gameplay video was released yesterday on the PlayStation Access Youtube channel and it details a number of pieces of information about the gameplay.

This video serves as a recap just over two weeks before the release, and it's a good way to see if Days Gone is a title for you. If the atmosphere of the game is largely reminiscent of The Walking Dead series, we notice that the gameplay mixes combat with phases of infiltration, and it seems to leave plenty room for crafting to manufacture various weapons and objects, reminding of The Last of Us in some ways.


Days Gone - Deacon is about to get in trouble...


One of the most interesting points of this video comes at the very end. We learn a little more about the functioning of the hordes. If we already knew that the hordes ofDays Gone seem to behave like a single entity, we discover several new things here. We now know that during the main campaign, we will meet three hordes, but that's not all. We also know that there will be forty in the whole map, and the number of freakers that compose them will vary between 50 and 500. We also learn that the hordes will not regenerate instantly, which means that if you cross a horde of 200 freakers and kill 100 freakers before you run away, the horde will still include 100 freakers. It is nevertheless specified that some stray freakers may eventually join to a lesser extent. If the adventure tempts you, Days Gone will be released on April 26 on Playstation 4. To find it at the best price, do not hesitate to visit our comparator.

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